O pólo sídero-metalúrgico de Carajás: gênese de uma nova região industrial?

Paulo Fernando Machado


The present article seeks to analyze the process that is transforming an area along
the Carajás Railroad into a siderurgy and metallurgy zone. After examining the
causes for the establishment of the siderurgic projects in the region, the author
outlines a brief historical overview and presents the current status of the establishment
of the siderurgic plants. Finally, the main positive factors for the development
of siderurgy in the region are examined in contrast to the main negative factors. The
author concludes pointing out that the necessary conditions for the consolidation of
siderurgy in the area reached by the Carajás Railroad and for making it one of the
vectors for the development of the region are indeed a reality. It is necessary to
overcome the limitations in order to realize the necessary conditions.


Metalurgica; Pólo Carajás; Indústria de transformação

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ISSN 1980-2668