A centralidade do conceito de inovação tecnológica no processo de mudança estrutural

Octávio Augusto Camargo Conceição


This text discusses the centrality of the technological innovation
concept within the neo-schumpeterian approach. This concept is not tied
to the dissemination of new products and processes only, but it is
associated to new forms of firm organization and new social habits that
allow the establishment of new technological paradigms. Therefore, it is a
concept that deals teoretically with the process of technological change
and its economic and social effects. This vision stands against the
traditional neoclassical approach, where the emphasis in such a process
does not exist. Technological innovation has simultaneous and conjugate
effects in two economic activity spheres: when it dissiminates in the firm
"microeconomic" environment it propagates itself aiso in an enlarged
scale, allowing the establishment of a "macroeconomic" environment for
the new technological paradigm to arise.


Inovações tecnológicas - Aspectos sociais; Industrialização - Aspectos econômicos

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ISSN 1980-2668